Congratulations, Megan

Megan promotion.png

The Agate Team is excited to announce Megan Dailey has been promoted to Business Operations Supervisor (BOS). In this role, Megan will help the business stay on target to meet goals, look for process efficiencies, and keep the team moving ahead on projects. 

Megan came to The Agate Group in early April, since that time she has shown passion for everything she works on and has embodied the culture of our organization. Megan’s energy and creativity have proven to be valuable to a number of projects. Notably, Megan executed our Easter Egg Hunt event in only two weeks! Attendance was outstanding and surpassed the team’s expectations. 

The Agate Group promotes individuals that have a consistency to show successful execution on their responsibilities and tasks along with taking things to the next level. Since the time that Megan’s come on board, she really hit the ground running. She’s had little-to-no direction in her variety of tasks, often figuring things out on her own, and or bringing new ideas to support the mission at hand. What stands out with Megan is that she aligns well with our leadership values. As a leader, you have to consistently think about the organization as a whole and as a team, and Megan never loses sight of this. 

The Agate Group spends a good investment of time training, having our team understand why we do what we do, and the impacts of our priorities and concerns. By providing this level of direct communication and expectations, our goal is that we’re training leaders. 

We know naturally this isn’t immediate with team members and it’s a process. It takes some time to groom individuals to a leadership level. In this process, we are changing the natural propensity to think from an ‘I’ or ‘Me’ perspective and bring them to a ‘We’ perspective. These are the core elements of leadership we know we can build upon to create the world-class managers in our organization. 

On this note, Megan exemplifies these traits, always thinking about the organization as a whole:

  • Care for organizational impact

  • Follow-through

  • Self-initiative

  • Endless process improvement

  • Consistency in all actions

We look forward to Megan’s success in her new role as BOS and thank her for her contributions to our team so far.

Cherryl Macalino