The RAM Award

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One of our talented software engineers, Bahman, received our special "RAM" award for exceptional work performance in the first quarter! The RAM Award is presented to the employee who has met 100% of the goals set forth for them. 

The ram is a prominent symbol of determination and activity throughout history. The ram is unafraid to take initiative and inspires others to do the same. This animal represents force, virility, fearlessness, and drive. 

In addition to gift vouchers, the Agate Award Recipients receive a succulent plant that we hope provides a daily reminder about their accomplishments and their growth path that is beautiful and green here in our organization. 

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Bahman’s manager described him as someone who’s “focus is always on quality. He’s never afraid to tackle new problems, is dedicated to his projects (often times joking that they are his ‘babies’), and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure critical deadlines are being met. Most importantly, he is always receptive to feedback and takes it to improve his skills.” 

“Bahman doesn’t have to be told what it takes to make his project complete or on time,” he is intrinsically motivated to do a great job. Bahman is “extremely reliable and doesn’t lose sight of his goals, placing an unwavering level of urgency in all he does.”

Bahman has consistently exceeded all set standards, and brings passion, joy, and excellence in to his work on a daily basis. 

We are so lucky to have such a bright, committed, engaged team.

Megan Dailey