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Having an expert on your side can make the difference between failure and success. Why struggle on projects when you can save time and frustration by partnering with an experienced firm? With The Agate Group as your consulting partner, we are committed to thorough analysis, dissection, and resolution of any technical issue your team might be facing. If you’ve been searching for the right group to rely on, consider your search over.

The Agate Group is a team of movers and shakers in the technical solutions industry, and with our innovative team on your side, you are sure to experience great results. 


integrating a new app into Salesforce?

We educate you on the process of integrating a new app into your Salesforce system and discuss the pros and cons.


Not sure if your Salesforce system is scalable?

We analyze the system to ensure your CRM is capable of growing with the needs of your organization and provide suggestions based on the projected growth.

upgrading to Salesforce Lightning?

We evaluate your current platform and workflows to give you a timeline of what to expect with a major upgrade. 


Not sure if you should buy an application or build one?

Our team can build applications or help you select an existing one to fit your needs. We can describe the process and outcome of both options, allowing you to make an educated decision. 

experience makes a difference

The Agate Group brings over 30 years of collective technical knowledge and passion to our consulting work. We will deliver a clear roadmap for every solution to reach your goals. 

Success by numbers:

  • Over 1,500 projects deployed and completed

  • 98% satisfaction rating for all Salesforce projects

  • 30 + years combined technical experience

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