Salesforce Lightning Upgrade

Need help with upgrading to lightning? we’re here for you!

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Power and Speed Delivered 

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is an upgrade to the Classic Salesforce system that provides a modern look and speed optimization by connecting Salesforce products. As a result, Lightning creates a connected experience and offers seamless functionality throughout your business. 

Why upgrade to Lightning?

There are many additional features within Salesforce lightning that do not exist in Salesforce Classic. Upgrading gives you the chance to improve processes, identify efficiencies and inefficiencies, and reengage your users.

  • Improved visual reporting — a modernized, easier-to-read view of dashboards and reports. Improve users experience by using the simple drag and drop dashboard builder within lightning to create powerful, visually-appealing dashboards.

  • Improve data entry — Lightning’s “quick actions” feature allows you to improve efficiency in data entry. Create a quick action on Account records to allow your sales team to easily log relevant data following a sales call.

  • Keep your technology updated — Salesforce is no longer developing or enhancing Salesforce Classic so in order to be constantly evolving and improving your technology, Salesforce Lightning is your next step.

  • Visualize opportunities — Salesforce Lightning’s Kanban view is a game-changer. Track opportunity stages in a simple view that sums potential deal amounts and allows for quick data consumption.

Is your system ready?

A concern of many Salesforce users is how to convert their existing system to the Lightning platform while keeping their current valued functionality. We offer a Lightning Kick-start Package to help. 


Lightning Kick-Start Package

Our team offers a Lightning Kick-start Package to help you assess your system’s readiness for Lightning and provide you insight on the transition process.

The Lightning Kick-start Package includes:

  • Report of Findings (ROF) 

    • Complete analysis of areas affected during upgrade to Lightning

  • Strategy Blueprint

    • Discovery and feature planning

    • Design — visual and functional

    • Estimation of configuration options

  • Configuration 

    • Implement preliminary changes (if applicable), up to 4 hours

    • For some customers a small amount of configuration will be all that is needed. For others, it may extend past the Kick-start Package and we will know within the ROF period what that effort will be.

Contact us for further information on our Lightning Kick-start Package and to start experiencing all the powerful features Salesforce Lightning Experience has to offer!