Work Smarter with Salesforce Lighting

lightning in the clouds

Power and Speed Delivered 

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is an upgrade to the Classic Salesforce system that provides a modern look and speed optimization by connecting Salesforce products. As a result, Lightning creates a connected experience and offers seamless functionality throughout your business. 

Why upgrade?

A main feature of Lightning is speeding up app development enabling you to get your product operating and out to market faster. The drag and drop features are user friendly and allows for expedited customization. Plus, Lightning was designed with built in mobile optimization so you can run your business on any device from anywhere — even offline.

Converting your system to Lightning is an opportunity to review how your orgs is set up and assess the effectiveness of current workflows. By running analyzing your system and considering unused fields and reports, you can identify ways to optimize your system and improve functioning before moving to Lightning. 

Is your system ready?

A concern of many Salesforce users is how to convert their existing system to the Lightning platform. Preparing your system for transfer to Lightning can be done by utilizing packages on AppExchange, meeting with a Lightning conversion specialist, or involving a Salesforce specialist team to analyze your system. We offer a Lightning Kick-Start Package to help. 

Lightning Kick-Start Package

Our team offers a Lightning Kick-Start Package to help you assess your system’s readiness for Lightning.

The Lightning Kick-Start Package includes:

  • Report of Findings (ROF) 

    • Analysis of what will be affected

  • Strategy Blueprint

    • Discovery and planning

    • Design

    • Estimate and configuration options

  • Configuration 

    • Implement preliminary changes (if applicable), up to 4 hours

    • For some customers a small amount of configuration will be all that is needed. For others, it may extend past the Kickstart Package and we will know within the ROF period what that effort will be.