Packages and service types


We understand there is no one size fits all pricing approach to projects. We offer Scope of Work, Blueprint, Packaged Support, and Retained Support hours. Plus, we provide discounts for monthly support hour packages, new customers, and non-profit organizations.

Scope of Work

Scope of work (SOW) projects kick-off with our team connecting with the customer’s team to discuss the project requirements. The Agate Group will provide a clearly defined SOW a couple days after the first meeting. SOW can be completed more quickly, though timing is based on the complexity of the project and level of detail provided by the client.

Benefits of SOW projects: 

  • Budget control - with the scope easily defined, these projects have a specific schedule and budget in place per project. 

  • Timeline - if you have multiple small projects throughout the year, SOW is a great option.

  • Trial services - for companies testing out different vendors prior to selecting a main partner, this service type enables you to become familiar with our processes and procedures to see if we are a good fit.


When a project is limited in scope because the customer is unsure how to execute it or there are a lot of gaps in requirements, a customer engages in the Blueprinting service. The Blueprint service involves a consultation to help the customer design the best solution to fit their needs and map out the necessary requirements for the project. The goal of a Blueprint is to define functionality, features, and define use cases. Similar to building a house and having expert contractors plan before anything is built, our engineers need to fully define the scope before actual implementation or coding begins. 

Benefits of a blueprint: 

  • Timeline - with a clearly defined blueprint, the implementation process is quicker and runs smoothly because risks and realistic timelines are discussed ahead of time.

  • Collaboration - collaborate on ideas and get tips from our experienced team to create ways to optimize and improve workflows.

  • Accurate risk assessment - discuss technical risks with the engineering team prior to development.

Packaged support

Customers who choose packaged support purchase a specific amount of hours. These hours usually must be used within 90 days. Packaged Support is great for those that have a defined scope of work but know that they have changes that come along the way. This package address both types of work with their hours. 

Benefits of packaged support:

  • Flexibility with services - packaged support hours can be used for consultation, documentation, and technical implementation.

  • Discounts - companies reap the benefits of packaged hour discount rates. This is especially great for companies with multiple projects that save money by purchasing hours ahead of time versus paying for hours by project.

  • Timeline - get projects scheduled quickly by having hours already credited to your account. With a package, the process for submitting work requests is faster without having to wait for a project hours approval code.

retained support

Customers who select retained support know they have a monthly or weekly support need for resources. Retained support allows customers to have allocated hours set aside with our team so we can provide immediate support. This is a plus for companies that have projects arise often that need action taken quickly for customization or changes. Essentially, we save time on the schedule ahead of time so the customer does not have to wait in line on the scheduling queue.

Benefits of retained support

  • On-demand support - retained support has no waiting to get on the schedule. We can accommodate immediate changes needed by the business because there is no wait time for change requests and approvals.

  • Flexibility with services - retained support can address both consultation, documentation, and technical implementation at the same time. 

  • Dedicated team member - in most cases, a customer with retained support is assigned an engineer dedicated to their projects. This enables The Agate Group engineer to be highly proficient and well versed in the customer’s system and allows for optimal communication and consistency of work.