Salesforce Training

Pave the Path to Salesforce Expertise



Understand how to use Salesforce to be more productive in your everyday work. Learn shortcuts and the latest practices with our experienced instructors helping you every step of the way.

Some of our power user lessons include:

  • Configuration of search settings and user interface
  • Advanced configuration
  • Chatter configuration and setup
  • Setup and working advanced opportunity feature
  • Creating list views
  • Creation, customization, and report running
  • Managing activities


Whether you’re an experienced administrator or just learning Salesforce administration, The Agate Group has a Salesforce optimization program to complement.

Some of our ramping up lessons include:

  • Setting up and managing users
  • Security and data access
  • Customization: fields, data, reports, and dashboards
  • System automation


We take a different approach to training Salesforce developers by providing them with the education to prototype efficiently and build custom applications.

Some of our Salesforce engineer lessons include:

  • Creation of Apex triggers
  • Custom Visualforce controllers
  • Integration with external systems using APIs
  • Migration of metadata
  • Creation of unit tests