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Use our free 4 hour voucher for free Salesforce training, configuration, development, Salesforce consultation, web design, content planning, and much more.

Contact Megan at or (916)407-3718 to redeem your voucher and discuss how we can help your current initiatives.


Common problems we have solved within 4 hours:

  • Data import in to Salesforce

  • Salesforce Training

  • Quick action customized button creation

  • Schema consultation and advice

  • Reports and dashboards setup and configuration

  • Kickstart API design

Main questions that we solve include:

  • Salesforce developer just quit — now what to do?

  • Need a second opinion on your Salesforce setup?

  • Are you a Salesforce admin who can’t figure something out and needs a second expert to look at your CRM?

  • High priority project that needs to be expedited?

  • Is your current Salesforce consulting firm letting you down?

Don’t continue to struggle. Use our experienced software engineers and Salesforce developers to make your life easier by taking advantage of our offer for 4 free hours with our team.

*This offer is reserved for qualified new clients only. Contact us to confirm your organization meets our requirements for free service.